Murder of Hussain Nazari A cameraman of Rah-e-Farda TV

Yash News Agency: Hussain Nazari who has worked several years for freedom of speech, now his frame photo is on the wall of his home and his family is in the sorrow of their son.

Hussein, a cameraman of Rah-e-Farda TV, who lost his life during a suicide attack on Thursday (16 November) in the Khair Khana area of Kabul city, was the only worker of his family; and now his wife and his 4-year child has remained instead of him.

Hussain Nazari up to being in this position had struggled too much in his life, he lost his father when he was 8 years old, instead of going to school and getting an education he worked for the livelihood of his family.

Hussein, who was a child with much diligent, worked as a man for his family. Although he had great aspirations, the bad situations didn’t let his wishes to become true and all his dreams buried with him.

 The same situation happened with his 4-year child. The child who has many dreams and wishes but doesn’t know as he gets elder he has to work for the livelihood of his family instead of going to school.

Hussain was an experienced cameraman of the country, he had been working with media since 2005. During his employment, he had worked with several private TVs. After his death, many of those who were his colleague wrote on the goodness of Hussein and how believed his death.

prior to this event, Hussain family had not forgotten the sorrow of his brother-in-law that heard the death of Hussain, Hussain’s brother-in-law who was a national army soldier was also killed during his duty.

Hussain family do not have a good economic situation. They are living in a rented house, Hussain’s uncle says.

According to him one of the aims of Nazari was to serve for his society.

Hussain Nazari has been in charge of the country’s media for 12 years and lost his life for the freedom of speech.

His brutal death inflicted the whole heart of Afghanistan’s media community

Taqi’s Father: I’m worried Taqi may not lose his life!

“Taqi Sadid” Reporter of Rah-e-Farda TV is also severely wounded in this suicide attack. He after an operation in Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan Hospital, transferred to National Directory Security hospital for better treatment.

His family is living in Wardak province and Taqi who is graduated from Journalism faculty due to his duty (Journalist) lives in a rented house in Kabul city.

His father who has come to Kabul for treatment of his son criticized over inattention of Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan Hospital officials and said in this hospital the officials do not pay much attention to his patient. He also criticized the lack of medicines of the hospital, the medicines which were needed for his son he bought them from outside the hospital.

The father of this young journalist, Mohammad Ishaq, calls on Sponsoring institutions of Journalists and other relevant institutions to rescue Taqi’s life. “Personally, I can’t do anything for my son. I’m worried that due to inattentions Taqi may not lose his life or may not be defective,” He said.

If needed, the authorities of Rah-e-Farda TV will send Taqi Sidad to India for treatment, Mohammad Elham, Editor of the Rahe-e-Farda TV, in a phone conversation with Yash News Agency said.

The authorities of this TV network has promised that will support Nazari’s family as well. Mr. Elham added.

However, the Afghan Journalist safety Committee has also promised to cooperate with the family of Hussein Nazari and Taghi Sadid. According to Abdul Qadir, a member of the Afghan Journalists’ Safety Committee, they will not hesitate to support Taqi-Sadid’s treatment.However, it is unclear when these promises will be realized.

Based on Afghan Journalists Safety Committee statistics on the year 2017, 12 reporters have been killed and 35 wounded.

The committee concerns, if this condition gets continue, the future of freedom of speech will be in danger.

The targeting of press conferences by terrorists and the journalists who are present at the areas for covering reports loses their lives; the Journalists who consider freedom of speech as their mission and do not interfere in political factions.

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